Zii Trinity’s HD Playback Demo


I love Wall-E. What a little guy he is! Ah, if only I could have been there personally to see it being played off the Zii Trinity. From what we can tell it was smooth and looked great.

Also note: A few days back CNET Asia posted a video of the concept device being handled.  I do apologize for not getting that to you sooner. Check it out!

[ Mobile990CNET Asia ]


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  1. YAY! first comment…

  2. This is so cool. Never ever having to deal with taking discs or PMPs with awkward cables anymore.

    Just use the micro-HDMI cable at your friend’s place to watch HD movies and pictures.

  3. I really hope this



    First comment crap doesn’t start on this site.

  4. I started reading Phandroid because it was one of the first to break any Android news or had more Android news than other tech websites. Looks like Phandroid is getting tardy these days.

    It used to be a few hours tardy and now it’s one or more days after Engadget or Gizmodo break the same Android news.

    Would appreciate it if you guys could be break the news earlier. Lately all the news I see here is stale and I’m feeling less and less inclined to checkout Phandroid as often as I do.

  5. I used AnyDVD and Handbrake to load some Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly episodes on my Droid. Watching them with the Meridian player, which is quite nice.

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