Don’t Text And Drive

A couple months ago when Cupcake finally came, I reminded users that their phones now had Auto-Screen Rotate but they would need to enable it. I mentioned how this aided my bad habit of texting while driving and although I tried to defend myself in the comments, I received scathing criticism for my admission. And rightfully so.

The following 4 minute clip is part of a 30-minute PSA video produced by the Gwent Police Department (UK) and intended to be shown in local schools. It was made by Peter Watkins-Hughes and stars local actors. Be warned: it is bloody and graphic.

Next time  you consider texting while driving, hopefully you’ll remember this video and think twice about it. Wait until you hit that next red light… it’ll give you something to do besides cursing how long you’ve been sitting in place.

[BBC via Giz]

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  • just some dude

    If they had an android mobile this would never have happened, lol.

    Unfortunately stuff like this actually happens to people.

    Be carefull out there people.

  • Toni

    DURING the crash, almost all windows/crystals of the car are broken (one with the backhead of the girl in the back seats), and AFTER the crash, when the 1st girl is crying and the guy goes to help, the windows are like new…

  • Toni


    (And sorry for the previous offtopic)

  • mjs

    Sadly, it is the people who will say “Pfft, I can txt while driving, I’m a great driver” who will see this video and still do it.

    The human race suffers from flawed brains. You can’t fix that.

  • Isaac Sloan

    Dumbest video I’ve ever seen.

  • William

    @Isaac you are an idiot.

  • Daniel

    I don’t remember where i read/saw this (think it was discovery channel actually), but they had a guy take a driving test 2 times. One while sending a text message, and one while legally drunk. Needless to say, he did better drunk. I text while driving all the time w/ my G1, but having a keyboard that I have memorized makes it where i can text without looking (that still doesn’t mean its safe, but I don’t live in a busy area so I’m usually the only one on the road).

    Then again, some drivers that they let on the road should of never passed their driving test in the first place… A 9 year old could pass that test. Seriously, the first question for the Texas version is “What is your last name?” (oh, and its multiple choice!)

  • JL

    Yikes. Point taken.

  • dan l

    But still…..

    The anti-texting laws are horse shit and totally designed only to increase revenue.

    Remember the big push to have everybody use a blue tooth headset? How much have accidents gone down as a result of that law? Same deal with texting.

  • Jarett

    My company actually made an Android app that keeps the texting functionality from working if you’re driving (with a failsafe to let another phone disable it if they know the user’s not driving). It’s targeted mainly at parents to keep their kids from texting while they drive, but for some, it might be the right amount of self-inflicted nuisance to remind themselves to wait until they’re parked to text.

  • Morten

    “Remember the big push to have everybody use a blue tooth headset?”

    The difference from holding the phone is >huge<.

  • Jack

    Well I have a automatic van (less things to do) and I have tried to txt wile driving but the keyboard is crap so I don’t bother. I have to drive past a few locations on the way to work to record fuel prices and used to save a note of the prices, nowadays I just memorise it all.

    The g1 could do with a bigger keybord for us fat fingered people.

  • Olivier

    Maybe it’s because I mostly drive in a very busy town as opposed to quiet and straight motorways but I can’t understand how some people can think it’s ok to take one’s eyes off the road for texting !

  • Cru

    Marijuana. Kills.

    Oh.. and wear your seatbelt biddies in the back. Stop bloodying up my car.

  • Victim


  • Alex

    One of my good friends can never seem to be away from his iPhone, he’s constantly on it, even when he drives. I constantly tell him not to text/browse the web/chat online while he’s driving, yet he does it anyway and swerves on the shoulder/hits the curb/etc. I have actually gotten out of his car because of it. I refuse to text while driving and I don’t accept phone calls. I realize that shit happens regardless and I could be in a freak accident even with those precautions, but I like to think that not using a phone while driving, helps a tad.

  • Paul

    Jarett – “My company actually made an Android app that keeps the texting functionality from working if you’re driving”

    I heard about this app. It’s called Textecution… It’s really cool. Nice job and thanks for creating it!

  • Quboid

    Granted I’m only a learner but it amazes me that anyone would think this is at all acceptable. Holding the phone to your ear is illegal in the UK, holding the phone and looking at it is a whole lot worse.

  • Shawn

    What about texting at stop lights? I do it there, after every word I check the light and in some words as I type it. How bad is that? (HTC IME Keyboard helps prevent many spelling errors)

  • cher

    How can we report unsafe drivers (texting and swerving) and have something done about it? The police here say something bad needs to happen. I worry every time my teen son and I commute on our bikes that a texter will “murder” us….it would not be an “accident”…

  • donna

    Point well taken here. For those who don’t take it seriously and think that nothing will ever happen to you or someone you hold dear. Imagine one of the people you are closest to killed because of someone not paying attention to their driving. How would it make you feel to never see that person again, ever. If you can wait to text when you get to your destination or before you leave then do so. Why do we think we have to drive and do this. I don’t understand. Do we live such a busy life that we feel like we have to cram everything in while drving. It’s just crazy. Are you willing to pay the price? Be careful

  • robi

    yees i can’t drive so i still can text in the caar 4 like another 4 years :p

  • Wayne

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  • Kristina

    the other day i was texting and driving im 16 years of age and just got my lisence. I had a different phone than normal that day and it was hard to text on. i had my eyes off the road for a while and both my hands off the wheel. to pull my phone cord up. when i lost control of the car it started swerving all over the road and when i looked up i was headed straight for a sign, my car rolled 5 times. for a quarter of a mile. it was the worst feeling ever, and the nightmares are haunghting,
    no text is ever worth it. nothing on your cell phone is. nothings that important to put your life and others in danger.
    im so incredibly lucky im even alive God was with me