Aug 17th, 2009

A couple months ago when Cupcake finally came, I reminded users that their phones now had Auto-Screen Rotate but they would need to enable it. I mentioned how this aided my bad habit of texting while driving and although I tried to defend myself in the comments, I received scathing criticism for my admission. And rightfully so.

The following 4 minute clip is part of a 30-minute PSA video produced by the Gwent Police Department (UK) and intended to be shown in local schools. It was made by Peter Watkins-Hughes and stars local actors. Be warned: it is bloody and graphic.

Next time  you consider texting while driving, hopefully you’ll remember this video and think twice about it. Wait until you hit that next red light… it’ll give you something to do besides cursing how long you’ve been sitting in place.

[BBC via Giz]