Samsung Galaxy Seen In Italy, France and UK

The Samsung Galaxy might be the most slept on mobile phone on the market – the vast majority of Android talk takes place in HTC’s orbit. But that might change soon as the Galaxy is already available in Germany and Spain and will soon make its way to Italy and the UK.

The phone first launched in Germany on O2’s network and now it appears that the Galaxy will make its way to France on July 16th, in the UK later this month and now we’ve seen an Italian version suggesting it will also launch on Wind in Italy in the near future. Heck… the Italians had an entire Samsung Galaxy launch party!

Pretty sweet… although it’d be sweeter (for me at least) if this was in English, at an American venue for the launch of the US version of the Galaxy. This just makes me jealous:


So where do you think the Samsung Galaxy stands compared to what HTC has in the Android pipeline? And how about in regards to the overall market?

One interesting thing to note is that at least one version of the Samsung Galaxy will launch with a base install of Android and include ZERO firmware updates meaning what you buy is what you get. Unless of course you flash your device via USB and install an updated OS but I’m sure the carriers will suggest against this.

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  • Sharktamer

    I’m still going for the samsung galaxy. Sense on the HTC hero is cool and all, but the device is just too fat. The galaxy has a few other things the hero doesn’t, like more built in storage, better screen and flash on the camera. It will probably be cheaper on contract too.

  • yOtA

    when will it come to spain already? c’mon!

  • phonixor

    i just wanna know the ram…
    and if it has multi touch like the hero :P

  • SBU

    i realy like the look of the phone, its so much better than the ones from htc.
    But i’m so in love with “sence” so i think i will buy the hero. :/

  • edwinbaby

    I want this f*cking aDev (Android device) right now! Why are manufacturers so slow to produce a decent handset which compares the the iPhone specs and operates on Android? I don’t care how much it costs, if its worth it, then produce it and release it before the technology becomes obsolete!

  • edwinbaby

    I forgot to add. Produce it and distribute it IN THE UNITED STATES!

  • Gwydion

    399 € through Wind in Italy. Unlocked. I think I will buy it.

  • xyz

    the only drawback is that it has only 128 RAM, that is really disappointing! The G1 has 192, Magic also 192 while the Hero has 288!!! The OS alone requires 90 MB!!! I was ready to get a Galaxy but this RAM thing has made me reconsider. So i’ll stick with my G1 a bit longer

  • drom3823

    I keep seeing this crap about the Galaxy only having 128MB RAM…and you folks keep getting corrected. Check the stats, it has 192. This phone stacks up hardware wise far better than the G2, Hero or any other about to be released Android handset. 5MP camera with flash, OLCD, 3.5 head phone jack…etc., etc., etc.

  • Naggie21

    It’s a matter of what market it’s launched. Both the Magic and the Hero has 288Mbytes of RAM i Scandinavia. So I’m hoping for the for the Galaxy IF we get it in Scandinavia to.

  • E

    Well, after a long research online it seems like the galaxy has AT LEAST 192MB of RAM, if not 288MB like the hero. So everyone who has been concerned over the issue – you can relax and so can I.

  • _david_94

    What??? On Wind (in Italy)… Wind is dying… No one uses it. Too bad I’ll have to unlock it =)

  • Ben

    I’ll wait.

    The HTC and Pre are nice phones, far better than the android’s out there now or the new 3gs that has overheating and non-opensource issues.

    The specs on this phone are amazing. It’s more powerful than the computer I had when I graduated high school and it’s open source. If this isn’t an Iphone killer it’s missing it’s potential in either the software/update/debug department or there wasn’t enough marketing done. This thing is going to be a beast!!!

  • Ben

    BTW (sorry for the 2x comment) I have a friend who works in T-mobile. She says she can’t be sure but there’s a T-mobile phone thats getting a lot of inner company buzz that they’re very hush hush about. They won’t tell her anything other than it’ll be a very important phone and it will be android. They’ve got this “mystery phone” scheduled for October release.

  • Dennis

    Hmmm.. seem to remember reading somewhere about a T-Mobile – Walmart deal with the Motorola Morrison due in Octobor.. might fit your parameters.. but rumors are rumors and they can sure keep people from buying, because by the time a rumor becomes fact, there are more rumors.. I’ve decided Sept 15th is it.. setting aside a little phone kitty, and I am going to order (or pre-order) what I think is the best available Android phone that is “actually selling”.. I’d get a myTouch right now, but no T-Mobile 3G in my area.. Hopefully AT&T or Sprint or Verizon come up with something to sell by then, otherwise I’ll have to look into an unlocked phone from “elsewhere” that will work on AT&T as at least that is doable.