Samsung Galaxy: UK Launch This Month!


The Samsung Galaxy is already available to the lucky Germans who can get the Android goods by way of O2 and it now appears that folks in the UK won’t have long to wait. The company confirmed to TechRadar that they will begin offering the Samsung Galaxy later this month and although it is unclear if they’ll be the exclusive carrier, they’ve beefed up their phone lineup to an intimidating size. O2 UK now has the iPhone 3G S and now they’ll allegedly  be getting the Samsung Galaxy in addition to the Palm Pre and Toshiba TG01.


While the details were non-existent in regards to dates and prices, we already know all about the phone’s specs… and the news is all good. The Samsung Galaxy comes with Cupcake 1.5, 5MP camera with flash, 8GB internal memory, MicroSD expansion port, thin body and a 3.5mm headset jack to top it all off.

With an already impressive UK market share of 27%, we can’t help but think that O2 UK has nowhere to go but up…. Way up.

Americans will have to wait for their own Samsung Galaxy to enter the United Stratusphere, but we spotted the Galaxy in the FCC awhile back so we’re pretty sure that somehow, someway, sometime it will indeed arrive. For those that can’t wait there may be an alternative: Techrader is also reporting that it will be made available SIM free for the small price of £499. If you do the math it is roughly $810 (via King Of Gadgets – sold out).

In order to acquire an unlocked Galaxy you’ll have to throw your wallet into a black hole.

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  1. This phone is nice but I think I would like to get the Hero. plus it has less RAM than G1.

  2. plz dig up and confirm the rumors that the i7500 will have 288 MB of RAM. 190 for apps and the rest for Android.

  3. I’m pretty sure that it has been confirmed already when they put it up on the facebook page saying that there is 192 MB for apps which if we follow the HTC Magic Rogers version is what was left over.

  4. http://android.hdblog.it/2009/07/03/samsung-galaxy-192-mb-di-ram-ufficiale/

    Its in italien but you can get the jist of what is being said.

  5. I’m so sick of having to wait for cool phones to hit the US. WTH, are we step children?

    Sweet smartphones seem to go everywhere else first, then MAYBE come over here. Sheesh. With the exception of the Pre, and Palm is a US company anyway.

  6. anybody know when taiwan is on the way to go?
    wait for so long!

  7. Samsung Galaxy is still _not_ available here in germany
    it’s estimated next week but who knows…

  8. Any body want to ship me one over here in the US, its either this of The G1 for my first android,

  9. anybody tell me when taiwan is on the way to go?
    i’ve waited for so long!

  10. It is estimated “next week” for about a month. :-(

    O2 is not only unable to deliver the phone, they are unable to at least give a reliable date. I guess they are planing to release in parallel with Duke Nukem Forever.

  11. I was waiting for the Hero, but this phone is a serious contender. It’s just the confusion with the RAM which is worrying me. How can a phone be available in a certain country and nobody really knows for certain how much RAM it has? Phandroid go go go! make some calls.

  12. @niklas, You can’t divide the RAM between apps and the Android system. It’s just a normal linux kernel running in it.

    They might try to avoid picking an android system process when deciding which app to kill, but you can’t partition the RAM like you claim.

  13. @dude & all in Germany: Galaxy is available right now in Germany. I just ordered mine :D.

    @Rest of world: Sorry guys.

  14. samsung galaxy launch in france 16 july with bouygues telecom.

  15. Of course you get them late in the US. It’s far easier to test a phone in a small market, Germany, UK, somewhere else, and then learn from that and launch in the BIG market when you know it’ll succeed. How many phones, what knd of distribution, etc., needed to launch in the USA? Big investment.

  16. dash: Actually that is a ‘coming soon’ page. If you try to buy it it says this phone is not available yet. It also says the PAYG price is ~£375.

    I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that this phone is launching on 25th of July.

  17. So glad this phone is finally coming out, will be getting this ASAP

  18. I hear the Galaxy is being launched with o2 on the 27th of July – but I am holding out for the HTC Hero – or the T-mobile G2 touch (same thing different name for the UK) it looks much better and has the blackberry style trackball – anyone heard the date that its being launched?

  19. I rang o2 upgrades this morning and was told that they will be releasing the galaxy during the week commencing the 10th August. No update on pricing however.

  20. According to posts in the UK O2 customer forums, at least one person has been told that Galaxy has failed testing and now has no release date. While this might seem unlikely I have heard that the Galaxy has a terrible battery life (less than a day) which can only be resolved with the latest software update from Samsung. Could be that O2 will delay it until Samsung provide this update pre-installed.

  21. I can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy has terrible battery life. Even with nothing running, network off, GPS off, etc, the battery will not last a day. I am curious, can you confirm that this will be fixed by a firmware update? If not, I’d advice against getting this phone.

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