Jul 13th, 2009

The Samsung Galaxy might be the most slept on mobile phone on the market – the vast majority of Android talk takes place in HTC’s orbit. But that might change soon as the Galaxy is already available in Germany and Spain and will soon make its way to Italy and the UK.

The phone first launched in Germany on O2’s network and now it appears that the Galaxy will make its way to France on July 16th, in the UK later this month and now we’ve seen an Italian version suggesting it will also launch on Wind in Italy in the near future. Heck… the Italians had an entire Samsung Galaxy launch party!

Pretty sweet… although it’d be sweeter (for me at least) if this was in English, at an American venue for the launch of the US version of the Galaxy. This just makes me jealous:


So where do you think the Samsung Galaxy stands compared to what HTC has in the Android pipeline? And how about in regards to the overall market?

One interesting thing to note is that at least one version of the Samsung Galaxy will launch with a base install of Android and include ZERO firmware updates meaning what you buy is what you get. Unless of course you flash your device via USB and install an updated OS but I’m sure the carriers will suggest against this.

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