T-Mobile MyTouch 3G: New Name For Magic/G2 in USA?


We all know that the HTC Magic will wash up on American shores at some point but the question of ‘under what name?’ has been often debated. We’ve thought/assumed that the name would be the T-Mobile G2 but a new screenshot of a computer displaying T-Mobile product inventory suggests otherwise. The HTC Magic might just come to T-Mobile USA as the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G.


The new (still a rumor) name isn’t the only thing suggested by this screenshot. The fact that it is listed in the inventory means it is one step closer to launch – a reason to cheer for sure. And below the magenta highlighted line in the pic above we see it will be available in Merlot – pretty sweet!

One thing I didn’t see mentioned elsewhere… why does it appear that the MyTouch has a 0.00 to the right of it? Surely it won’t be available for free on 2-year contract after rebate? I’m guestting they simply haven’t yet set the price or the zeros indicate it is not yet available for sale – you can see the “179” of the G1 listed right above it.

And speaking of G1, can we assume that G2/G3/etc… will be names reserved for the next generation models of the G1, as in, the same form factor? If the MyTouch name is true then I am guessing this is the case. Agree or disagree?

[Via TmoNews]

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  1. This is… kinda old…

    On-topic though, it’s a really dumb move on T-mo’s part. Magic/G2 work great for the phone and both names have been used interchangeably by major publications when describing it.

  2. …and Merlot? Seriously?!

  3. Im glad they didnt name it the G2, but MyTouch? Thats awful just name it Magic!!!!!!

  4. I think they’re daft. It’s an awesome phone (got mine yesterday) but if they have different names for it in different places then it’s never going to develop it’s own identity. You don’t see the iphone having different names all over the place – so while I think magic is a weak name, and mytouch is a silly name, they’ve got to just stick with one so a reputation can be forged.

    Just mho anyway.

  5. Screw this “G2” or whatever it might be. T-Mobile/HTC/Google will ruin the phone if they take the QWERTY keyboard out of the form factor.

  6. Wow that name is just silly! 0o
    But I do like the Merlot color.
    I’m also glad they didn’t call it the G2, I think you’re right about the G2/G3, etc being reserved for phones with the same form factor as the G1. (i hope)

  7. I agree they should keep the same name since they already have it. As we know tmo has the rights to g1 through g5. I doubt they bought them for no reason. I believe they are going to make a g2 for all of us who love our physical keyboards. We are over 1 mill strong in the U.S. alone. They made the magic for the people who don’t want the keyboard. The g1 isn’t giving us everything we want yet, even after cupcake. That fact let’s us know there is definitely plenty for them to upgrade the g1 to g2. Memory for instance, we allllllll want more internal memory! I believe there will be a sweet surprise for all of us g1 fanatics.




  8. Blastphomy? Rofl sorry, I lol’d.

  9. what is merlot?

  10. Blastphomy? Holy crap, I laughed really hard at that. Sorry.

  11. @ Justin Merlot is a red wine color.
    @ jeremy bumgarner I think u meant BLASPHEMY.

  12. I have been with T-Mobile for a 4 or 5 years now and although I enjoy their coverage area the problem I have with them is their G3 network or the lacking there of. I like my blackberry but I think I might go with a Iphone type phone because all of its great functions.

  13. I took a consumer survey for names for potential 3rd gen. HTC Android phones. One was G3. But sadly, one of them was also MyTouch, which I rated horribly of course. Oh, and I remember a MyG-Wiz too, also horrible. I have the images saved from the survey showing them. Might send them around. They’re funny and annoying.

  14. sar bout tha airer n ma spellin. nex tyme i is gunna yous an anglish dicshunary. thanx ta awl u peeple hoo laffed, u motv8 ever1 ta b purfect jus lak u.

    thankyou brownie, i know the correct spelling. i was ranting a bit and didnt feel the need to correct it after i posted.

    i hereby retract my statement of “ItS BLASTPHOMY!”, and replace it with “ITS BLASPHEMY!”.

    happy now…..


  15. Just wanna say, at this point with the given information and the magic not being G2, I agree that G2 will probably be the next generation of phones, or maybe another type of device entirely like the netbooks we keep hearing about.

  16. Get a sense of humor, douchebag.

  17. But when is this expected to land?

  18. OMG! I absolutely NEVER post on these things, but I just HAD to comment on Jeremy’s last comment. That is SO something that I would have done. Touche! Very funny! I’m raising my glass of merlot to you! LM”B”O!

    P.S…..I would buy a merlot colored cell phone. Although I’m thinking of just sticking with a G1, especially if they won’t have a keypad. I don’t get along so well with touch screens.

  19. The HTC Touch was a line of phones available before the G1 was available to consumers. It will run Android, but the Touch 3G (also MyTouch) will not be the next google phone. This phone ships with Windows Mobile 6.1


  20. when is this phone coming out

  21. Merlot is red, sorta…and i have to say it beats Bronze

  22. Just got one (Canada) and love it!

  23. Is it perhaps named different from the standard “Magic” because of the different 3G band ? or do Magics support T-Mobiles 3G ? .. If they are different, then it makes sense to avoid having people purchasing something they assume will work because of the name.. Yes their Magic that they spend good money on would be able to make calls, but they’d be kind of pissed off when the 3G didn’t work.

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