May 3rd, 2009

We all know that the HTC Magic will wash up on American shores at some point but the question of ‘under what name?’ has been often debated. We’ve thought/assumed that the name would be the T-Mobile G2 but a new screenshot of a computer displaying T-Mobile product inventory suggests otherwise. The HTC Magic might just come to T-Mobile USA as the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G.


The new (still a rumor) name isn’t the only thing suggested by this screenshot. The fact that it is listed in the inventory means it is one step closer to launch – a reason to cheer for sure. And below the magenta highlighted line in the pic above we see it will be available in Merlot – pretty sweet!

One thing I didn’t see mentioned elsewhere… why does it appear that the MyTouch has a 0.00 to the right of it? Surely it won’t be available for free on 2-year contract after rebate? I’m guestting they simply haven’t yet set the price or the zeros indicate it is not yet available for sale – you can see the “179” of the G1 listed right above it.

And speaking of G1, can we assume that G2/G3/etc… will be names reserved for the next generation models of the G1, as in, the same form factor? If the MyTouch name is true then I am guessing this is the case. Agree or disagree?

[Via TmoNews]

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