Chris Michaels

The Best Keyboards for Android

Jun 3rd - A lot of us use our Android devices for a variety of day to day tasks – I know I do. From typing quick texts to my friends, to shooting status updates to my Twitter, life isn’t all Ingress on my Nexus 4. As such, I found myself in a quandary not too long ago. Time to find the best keyboard apps for Android phones and tablets.

New Chrome update brings password and form syncing to your Android devices

Apr 3rd - Though Chrome’s Android release isn’t quite at feature parity with the desktop version just yet, today’s release of the Google browser brings it one step closer with something that users have been clamoring for, for quite some time: password syncing. As announced by the Chrome team, a new version is available in the Play store …

Android’s F-Word mostly irrelevant, but affects Apple similarly

Feb 27th - Yesterday marked an impressive milestone for Android – Google Play Services version 3. For such an important milestone, though, you’ll find no Android statue on the lawn in front of building 42, no dessert themed easter egg in the settings menu, and little more than a general “meh” heard from Android users. So what, exactly, …