May 9th, 2013


If you’re a 90s child, fed and watered on computer games like I was, you probably remember the classic Carmageddon series. If not, I feel sad, as you missed an era that was very unique. Then again, that same era also gave us the Backstreet Boys, so maybe I should consider you lucky instead. Either way, young or old, Carmageddon is now on Android. (free during its first day)

The original Carmageddon shipped in 1997, and I skipped many a class in high school to play it in the computer lab. It was a racing game first and foremost, but it had a very unique premise behind it: cause as much damage and destruction as you possibly can while winning the race!

You could complete the track first to win, or you could trash all the other contestants to keep them from winning. There was even a mode where your goal was to see who could take out the most pedestrians in a totally pixelated bloodbath. To say that Carmageddon was anything less than revolutionary would be an understatement – it was, after all, banned in numerous countries.


Now, racers can once again relive those memories or create new ones by playing this awesome title on Android. Stainless Games has finally released Carmageddon on the Play Store for $1.99 as they promised they would months ago. Our iOS friends got a taste of the carnage last October, and the reviews have been pretty favorable.

The game looks amazing, with a new coat of polish designed to bring it well into the 21st century, while still maintaining the shmultz that made it a success nearly 15 years ago. I’ve waited years for some more Carmic Retribution! Will you download Carmageddon? If so, let us know what you think of the game in the comments section below…