Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


8 Best Video Calling Apps for Android in 2017

Nov 9th - Video calling might not be as popular as it’s depicted in sci-fi movies, but it’s still a very valuable form of communication. Let’s take a look at the best Android apps for video calling.


40+ Pixel 2 Tips & Tricks

Nov 7th - Stock Android phones like the Pixel 2 have a lot of neat tricks. Here are over 40 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Pixel 2.


This is your last chance to win an LG V30!

Nov 4th - In case you’ve somehow missed it, we have teamed up with LG to give away an LG V30! The contest is quickly coming to a close, so we wanted to give everyone one last chance to enter!


HTC U11 Life officially announced for $349

Nov 2nd - The U11 Plus is the big, flagship device, while the U11 Life is a more affordable mid-range device. The Life looks a lot like the other U11 models, but there are some key changes to get the price down to $349.