The first 512GB microSD card will be available in February


MicroSD cards are getting pretty ridiculous but in a good way. There was a time not too long ago when a measly 32GB microSD card was impressive. Now you can get one of those for around $10. Last summer, SanDisk made waves by introducing a 400GB microSD card. A new microSD card is here to break that record.

The Integral 512GB microSD is the new record holder for most storage in a microSD card. It’s not as fast as SanDisk’s card (100MB/s vs 80MB/s), but half a terabyte of storage is no joke. The card is designed to capture full HD video off of cameras and it meets the high standards required for that.

We don’t know how much the card will cost, but it will launch sometime in February. SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card is currently $240, so expect the Integral card to be very pricey.

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