Google is now offering the Moto X4 to replace faulty Nexus 5Xs


The Nexus 5X was not the follow-up to the popular Nexus 5 that many people wanted. It was too expensive for the specs and it has suffered from a pretty bad bootloop issue. Google was offering users as little as $100 Google Play gift card or $53 cash for faulty devices, but now it’s looking like they’re making things right with a new device.

A Nexus 5X user called Project Fi support about the issues and was offered a Moto X4 Android One phone as a replacement. Others have called Project Fi support and received the same offer. That is a much better solution that the insult of $53. The Moto X4 retails for around $399, which is more than anyone should pay for a Nexus 5X.

There are a couple of catches. First, you need the $5 per month Device Protection plan and you’ll still have to pay the $68 deductible when you get the replacement. That’s still a much better deal for most people. If your Nexus 5X has the same issues, give Project Fi a call and see what they can do.

[via android police]

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