Samsung and Apple are under investigation for planned obsolescence


Last month, Apple found themselves in hot water when they finally admitted to slowing down old iPhones. People have assumed for a long time that Apple did this to make people buy new iPhones, but Apple claimed it was for battery longevity. Many people were quick to call out other phone manufacturers for the same actions. It turns out Samsung is in trouble, too. At least in Italy.

The Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) has opened up an investigation against Samsung and Apple for planned obsolescence. After the iPhone news broke last month, Samsung came out and said they don’t slow down old phones. The AGCM has received consumer reports that claim otherwise.

Apple is coming out with an update that will allow users to choose if they want to prioritize performance over battery longevity. A lot of people don’t believe that Samsung doesn’t slow down old phones. We certainly agree that Samsung devices don’t age gracefully, but it doesn’t seem to be on purpose. We’ll see what the AGCM comes up with.

[via gsmarena]

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