Four amazing smart home devices from Aqara

Smart home tech is everywhere these days from thermostats, security cameras, switches, plugs, and more. While there are countless brands out there pushing one or two products, Aqara is one of the few to offer a broad ecosystem of devices that are a little less visible but equally as important with over two dozen products …

Privacy features

Google is bringing one of the best privacy features of Android 11 to older devices

If you watched the Google I/O 2021 Keynote, you might have noticed quite a bit of focus placed on privacy when it comes to Android 12. Privacy is a major debate right now in the tech world, so it’s important to see Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS make strides to keep your information private. However, …

iPhone 13 day

Did you order the iPhone 13 today? Which one did you get and why?

Android 12 is around the corner, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 have arrived, and the Pixel 6 launch is looming. There’s a bit of a “lull” in the Android space right now, which Apple has deemed as the perfect time to open pre-orders for the iPhone 13. Earlier this week, Apple held …

Best of Phandroid

How to view Android notifications, reply to SMS from your computer

Want to view your smartphone notifications on your computer, send a text from your computer or seamlessly transfer files between your Android device and your computer? We’ll show you how to do all that and more with the help of Pushbullet.

New Gimmick

New OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro update focuses on useless gimmicks

2021 has not gone the way that OnePlus likely envisioned it would at the beginning of the year. We’ve seen a semi-unique partnership with Hasselblad, a bunch of budget and mid-range devices, and a slew of software problems. All of that has culminated into OnePlus essentially being turned into a sub-brand of Oppo, in an …

Wrong direction

New rumor claims the Galaxy S22 is going mini

In a world where phones are now tablets, and small phones are a niche product, it seems that Samsung is going to be aiming for the niche crowd with the Galaxy S22. According to @UniverseIce, the Galaxy S22 will be the “smallest flagship phone” from Samsung, measuring in just slightly smaller than the iPhone 13. …

Learn Chrome OS

Learning how to use your Chromebook just got a whole lot more fun

If you find yourself wanting to switch to a new operating system, it can feel like a pretty daunting task. The buttons aren’t always in the same place across the different operating systems, and you’ll end up needing to re-train your brain to remember the new keyboard combinations and shortcuts.With the explosion in popularity over …

Another update

Google Calendar’s Material You update is pretty much perfect

Over the past month or so, Google has been steadily pushing updates to its own apps, bringing with it the new Material You design. The latest of which is Google Calendar, which not only changes how your calendars look, but adds new and useful widgets.For starters, the app bar at the top, along with the …