Proof that Google could switch to TSMC for the Pixel 10


Google’s current Tensor chipsets are built by Samsung. But we heard rumors dating back to 2023 that Google could actually ditch Samsung for TSMC for the Pixel 10 series. Now a report from Android Authority has discovered evidence to suggest that those rumors are true.

This evidence was found in publicly available trade databases. These databases contain information for products that are imported or exported. Based on the listings that the publication found, it seems that there is proof that the upcoming Tensor G5 could be manufactured by TSMC.

This was found in the description of the goods in the database where TSMC’s name can be found. The listing does not mention the Tensor G5 specifically. But Android Authority broke down the description which does make references to the Tensor G5’s codename, “Laguna Beach”.

Google switching to TSMC is actually quite exciting. TSMC is one of the foremost manufacturers of chipsets and has very advanced chipmaking technology at its disposal. But that’s not the exciting part. The current Tensor chipsets are said to be based on Samsung’s Exynos design. Switching over to TSMC could allow Google to finally create a chipset for the Pixel 10 that is truly custom.

This will give Google more control over how it performs and how Android runs on it, which could result in more impressive performance and features. That being said, the Pixel 10 is still a year or so away from being launched, so take it with a grain of salt.

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