Google will Reportedly Ditch Samsung for its Tensor Chips, but not Anytime Soon


The introduction of Google’s Tensor-branded chipsets back in 2021 was a rather interesting time in the company’s history. While it previously equipped its Pixel phones with Qualcomm-manufactured Snapdragon chips, Google decided that it would instead collaborate with Samsung to produce the Google Tensor SoCs, which are now used in the Pixel 6 and 7 series phones.

While Pixel fans are currently looking forward to the Pixel 8 and Tensor G3 – scheduled to launch this fall – new information brings to light Google’s plans for the Tensor series in the next few years. Reports indicate that Google originally planned to launch its 2024 line of Pixel phones (presumably the Pixel 9 series) with a completely custom Tensor chip, which will be built in collaboration with TSMC. However, missed deadlines have pushed back the chip’s debut, meaning it could instead launch in 2025.

Codenamed “Redondo,” the rumored Tensor chip has now been designated as a test model of sorts, which will be used towards the development of a newer successor that will be used inside Pixel phones in 2025. For 2024 and the Pixel 9 devices, Google is expected to instead use a different chip codenamed “Zuma Pro”. For context, the Tensor G3 in the Pixel 8 is codenamed “Zuma.”

Unlike Redondo which is intended to be a fully-custom SoC, Zuma Pro will remain a semi-custom chip and will be co-developed using Samsung’s System LSI division. Meanwhile, the Redondo replacement is known as “Laguna Beach”. Once Google’s full-custom development process begins, the company will take over for the parts of the design process which were previously fulfilled by Samsung, meaning that Redondo and Laguna Beach will be a completely Google-fied affair.

To make a long story short, it could be a while before we begin to see Pixel phones which feature fully-custom Google chips. Fans looking forward to the next generation of Tensor SoCs sans Samsung might have to do a bit of waiting, and keep their fingers crossed for the time being.

Source: Android Authority

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