YouTube Music for Android can finally help you get rid of that annoying earworm


Have you ever had a song that just one day popped into your head, but for the life of you you just can’t seem to remember the name? If you know the lyrics, you could always Google it, but what if the lyrics elude you as well? Thanks to an update to the YouTube Music app for Android, YouTube has the answer.

The app has a new feature that is rolling out to users as we speak. Basically in the search section of the app, you should see a new waveform icon. If you tap on it, you can hum the song into your phone’s microphone and the app will identify it for you. Exactly how accurate this is will vary from user to user.

This is because if the part of the song you’re humming is too vague it might have a hard time identifying it. But either way, it’s pretty cool and useful if the name of the song and the artist is bothering you. If you don’t see the waveform icon, it means that the update hasn’t reached your device just yet.

This feature is currently live for the YouTube Music app for Android users. The feature was being tested on the iOS app a while back but for now, it seems that it isn’t widely available for iOS users. If you haven’t updated the app yet, head on over to the Google Play Store to download the latest update.

Tyler Lee
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