Samsung Galaxy AI now supports additional languages


Usually when companies release new software and services, it is generally made available in major languages such as English. This can be frustrating for non-English speaking users, but that’s just how things go. The good news is that if you’re a Samsung user that uses Galaxy AI, you’ll be pleased to learn that the AI is now multilingual.

Samsung has announced that they are pushing out an update to Galaxy AI where it will support new languages. This includes Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian. Samsung also says that they will be adding support for three additional dialects come Spring 2024. This comes in the form of Australian English, Cantonese and Canadian French.

But that’s not all! The company says that they have plans to also include support for Romanian, Turkish, Dutch and Swedish, along with traditional Chinese and European Portuguese. This is expected to come later this year but no specific dates have been mentioned.

The Samsung Galaxy AI was already multilingual to begin with. The AI suite initially launched with support for 13 languages, so this update (and future update) will make Galaxy AI even more useful for those who speak other languages. So, if you have access to Galaxy AI but it didn’t speak your language, hopefully this update will help!

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