Fairphone release new earbuds for €149

Fairphone, the pioneering Dutch ethical electronics manufacturer, is once again leading the charge towards sustainable technology with the launch of its next-generation true wireless earbuds: the Fairbuds. These premium earbuds offer not only exceptional sound quality but also a host of innovative features designed to reduce environmental impact and promote longevity.

Designed for Longevity

The Fairbuds are a departure from the disposable culture that often pervades the electronics industry. With a focus on durability and repairability, Fairphone has ensured that the Fairbuds can withstand the test of time. Each earbud is equipped with seven easily exchangeable spare parts, allowing users to replace components as needed. This modular design extends to the batteries, which can be replaced in both the earbuds and the charging case.

Extended Warranty and Environmental Responsibility

Fairphone goes above and beyond industry standards by offering an extended three-year warranty for the Fairbuds. This commitment to longevity not only reduces electronic waste but also lowers the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new products. By keeping the Fairbuds for longer, users can make a more sustainable choice that drives positive change.

Premium Sound and Innovative Features

The Fairbuds deliver premium sound quality, thanks to high-quality titanium-coated 11mm drivers. State-of-the-art active noise-canceling (ANC) with wind noise reduction ensures an immersive audio experience, while environmental noise-canceling (ENC) guarantees crystal clear calls in any environment. With six onboard microphones and multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, the Fairbuds offer versatility and convenience for everyday use.

Customizable Sound and Accessibility

Users can personalize their audio experience with the Fairbuds mobile app, which features an eight-band equalizer. Whether you’re an Android or Apple user, the app is accessible to everyone, ensuring that everyone can tailor the sound to their preferences.

Commitment to Social and Environmental Impact

As a B-Corp certified social enterprise, Fairphone is committed to people and planet-friendly practices. Fairbuds assembly line workers receive a bonus for each pair produced, bridging the gap between minimum and living wages. Fairphone also integrates Fairtrade gold into the supply chain and matches silver and cobalt usage with Fairmined credits. With 70% recycled and fair materials, electronic waste neutrality, and contributions to carbon reduction projects, the Fairbuds embody Fairphone’s commitment to sustainability.


The Fairphone Fairbuds represent a significant step towards sustainable technology in the electronics industry. With their focus on durability, repairability, and environmental responsibility, Fairphone has set a new standard for ethical consumer electronics. By choosing Fairbuds, users can enjoy premium sound quality while making a positive impact on the planet.


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