Fingers crossed! Galaxy AI could make its way onto the Galaxy S22


One of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is the introduction of Galaxy AI. These are a series of AI-powered software features that will make the phone stand out from the rest. A recent software update brought Galaxy AI to the Galaxy S23, and now it looks like the Galaxy S22 could receive it as well.

Speaking to the Korean media, Samsung MX CEO TM Roh revealed that the company is considering bringing Galaxy AI to older phones, like the Galaxy S22. There is no guarantee that this will happen, but Roh’s statement does give us a bit of hope. According to Roh, hardware limitations are an obstacle.

This is why he also said that Samsung is approaching Galaxy AI with a “hybrid” design in mind, where it will combine the use of cloud and on-device computing for AI. On-device computing for AI is preferred as it is faster and also more private. But as Roh notes, there are hardware limitations on older phones that might not allow this to happen.

Samsung could potentially shift some of the features to the cloud, but that would obviously require more investment in the cloud infrastructure and servers to process the requests. It might be a good long-term investment, but we’ll have to wait and see. If you’re still holding onto your Galaxy S22, don’t get your hopes up just yet, but fingers crossed that it happens!

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