Basic mechanics of the game in Fortnite, Vbucks and rank boosting for beginners


Fortnite is a battle royale project that is regularly updated with new maps and a battle pass, a themed event that rewards players with various rewards and skins for activities performed on game servers.

The main idea of Fortnite

Fortnite is built on the principles of a battle royale, when dozens of players land on a large game map and fight among themselves for the title of top 1 best player.

All gamers will be in equal conditions, because everyone will be dropped bare-handed and must find themselves a weapon, body armor and helmet, ammunition and accessories to improve shooting and gradually survive and outlast other opponents in order to receive a rank boost in Fortnite.

Depending on how long you manage to survive during a match and how many kills you can make, your rank is formed from these indicators, according to which your main opponents in matches will be selected.

Beginning of the game

Rank boosting for all players will begin with time, which is allocated to load all players into the match and at the same time it can be used for training and games.

When the time runs out, you and other players get on the plane and the landing stage on the game map begins.

Each player will decide for himself at what point to leave the plane and because of this freedom of choice, each match will be unique, regardless of the chosen game map.

When you understand exactly where on the game map you are ready to start the match, then press the disembark button and your match will begin with the parachute stage.

Drop off points

Each time the common plane will choose a different trajectory, regardless of the game map, and you need to calculate in such a way as to choose the optimal location for landing and your rank boost in Fortnite.

Remember and plot the trajectory of your flight using a parachute in order to select the optimal zone for a quick and safe landing and collect weapons to continue the battle and wait until the first narrowing of the playing area occurs.

Try not to choose the edge of the map to start the match, because this is only a profitable strategy at first glance.

The fact is that in each match, the game system independently selects a zone to which the circle will constantly decrease, forcing all players to move towards it, otherwise you can lose your health and life in general, and then your boosting in Fortnite will end at the start.

By choosing the edge of the map, you set yourself a difficult and sometimes unsolvable task, if the zone begins to narrow in the completely opposite direction from your landing point, and you will have to face many enemies, which may hinder you.

Landing in large cities and zones is also not the most profitable idea, because chaos always reigns in many enemies, and you can never know whether you will survive this stage of the Fortnite match or not.

You can be killed at any time, but you will also have a good chance of killing enemies.

This approach is more convenient for players who like action and training their shooting without much reference to the rating, because in such a battle it will be very difficult to survive even the first stage of the match, and you definitely won’t do this every time, from match to match.

Choose small zones that have a couple of buildings, because they can quickly get starting equipment and weapons, collect medicines and grenades, and prepare for the first narrowing of the game map, which will begin a few minutes into the match, to give all players enough time to prepare, but at the same time force you not to sit in a secluded place while the players exterminate each other.

Weapons and their effectiveness

Like any project in the battle royale genre, Fortnite has its own weapon system, with its ranks and the damage that it can provide.

You need to look not just for the right weapon, but also for a high rank weapon with which you will spend the rest of the match.

You will be able to find Common, Rare, Mythic, and Legendary ranks for the same types of weapons.

They are all scattered in containers, and success is influenced by your luck and speed.

You need to check all the containers as quickly as possible until you have to engage in battle.

Try to quickly exchange your pistol and shotgun for machine guns and assault rifles.

A pistol is a good weapon, but has a limited firing range, just like a shotgun, while a machine gun and an assault rifle have bonuses to the rate of fire and combat range, and all the main battles will often take place at long distances, with which an assault rifle will help, or sniper rifle.

Try to look for the legendary equipment with a golden border, because this is the best type of weapon that you can find and will be enough for the entire match.

You can find it in containers, in airdrops that will be dropped later, and picked up from more successful players after they die on the battlefield.


Fortnite is known, among other things, for its mechanics of building shelters in width and height, unique to the battle royale genre.

You can defend yourself from the enemy at any time if you have a sufficient supply of materials.

This could be wood, metal, or stone that needs to be mined during your match.

The principle of quick construction will require mastering, because you need to effectively hit silhouettes and icons, and then you can build at least a full-fledged building that will protect you from bullets and grenades until it is destroyed.


There is a special currency inside Fortnite called Vbucks.

This is the money used to purchase various cosmetic items and characters that become available after Epic Games collaborates with famous games, anime and cartoons.

Many fans can find Gerald and Yeniffer, Mikasa and Eren and other famous heroes in the game.

You can also receive and spend currency during season passes.

These are cosmetic items that do not have any direct effect on your rank boost in Fortnite, other than aesthetic ones.

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