The Samsung Galaxy Ring could be more useful than we thought!

samsung smart ring

From what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring so far, it sounds like a pared down version of the Galaxy Watch. It is basically a smartwatch without a screen where users can use it to track their health and fitness. This isn’t a bad thing. Smartwatches aren’t for everyone, so a smart ring could come in handy. But it turns out maybe the Galaxy Ring could be a useful tool for those looking to diet.

In a report from Korean publication Chosun Biz, it seems that the Galaxy Ring can help users with their diet. How this works is that Samsung wants to link the smart ring with Samsung Food and Samsung e-Food Center. For those unfamiliar, Samsung Food is an AI food and recipe service that creates more personalized and intelligent meal planning.

Based on the information gleaned by the ring on the wearer, such as their BMR and BMI, Samsung Food will be able to recommend a diet to users. Further pairing with Samsung’s smart refrigerators, will allow Samsung Food to potentially analyze the contents of your fridge and come up with meal ideas on what’s available.

If this is true, it is actually pretty awesome. We’re not sure if this will be a Galaxy Ring exclusive or if Samsung can eventually introduce it to its smartwatches as well. Either way, take it with a grain of salt for now. The Galaxy Ring has been officially announced and is expected to potentially launch alongside Samsung’s new foldables later this year.

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