Samsung Galaxy Ring battery life revealed, and it’s disappointing

samsung smart ring

At MWC 2024, Samsung officially revealed the Galaxy Ring. The company did not mention when the device will launch, but speaking to Korean publication TechM, Samsung mobile chief TM Roh revealed the battery life of the Galaxy Ring.

According to Roh, it seems that the Galaxy Ring battery life is expected to last up to 9 days on a single charge. This is longer compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, but shorter than the recently announced Galaxy Fit 3 which is rated for 13 days. However, when compared to the competition like the Oura ring, it does last longer by about 2 days.

We have to admit that overall it’s still quite disappointing. For devices like the Galaxy Watch, the shorter battery life is understandable. It has a large display which undoubtedly drains its battery. The ring, however, has no such display. Granted, charging it once a week isn’t so bad, but we would have liked to see a longer battery life.

Heck, there are smartwatches out there by Garmin that last up to 18 days. This is the first smart ring by Samsung. Maybe future generations will have better battery life. Samsung has not mentioned how much the ring will cost or when it will become available, but if you hate the idea of a smartwatch but still want to track your health and fitness, then the Galaxy Ring could still be worth considering.

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