Samsung Galaxy S23 could be getting Galaxy AI next month!


When Samsung announced the Galaxy S24 series, they also introduced Galaxy AI. This is a bunch of AI tools that they will be bringing to the phone. Luckily, it won’t be exclusive to the Galaxy S24. Samsung confirmed that they will be bringing some Galaxy AI features to older phones, like the Galaxy S23.

The company stopped short of saying when, but it looks like it could be next month. A post on X by BenIt Bruhner Pro claims that One UI 6.1 will arrive for the Galaxy S23 in March. One UI 6.1 will come with a bunch of new features for the Galaxy S23. This includes improved animations, new lock screen customization features, bug fixes, and of course, Galaxy AI.

At this point it is unclear if all the Galaxy AI features will come to the Galaxy S23. We assume that there could be some hardware limitations that could restrict certain features. Also, BenIt Bruhner Pro does mention in the replies to their post that older phones like the Galaxy S22 and under will not get AI features.

Whether or not the update will arrive in March remains to be seen, so take it with a grain of salt. In the meantime, Samsung has also confirmed that they will eventually start charging for its AI features. The company says that this could be for more “pro” AI features, which means that the base features that are shipped will remain free.

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