WhatsApp on Android is finally getting voice message transcripts


WhatsApp is a great messaging app. It can send messages, it can send photos and videos, make voice and video calls, share location, create polls, and more. It can even send voice messages. Now according to a report from TheSpAndroid, it looks like WhatsApp for Android is finally getting voice message transcripts.

The feature has been available on the iOS version of WhatsApp since early 2023. We’re not sure what took WhatsApp so long, but that feature is coming to Android soon. This is according to an APK teardown where code strings were discovered that indicate that voice message transcripts are coming in a future update.

The feature is pretty straightforward. It basically allows WhatsApp to generate transcripts of your voice messages. This is useful if you need a written out version of a voice message. Other apps such as Google Messages and Telegram already offer voice message transcripts. It’s nice to see WhatsApp finally catching up, at least for Android users.

The feature isn’t live yet as it was discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta. But if you use voice messages a lot, then this transcripts feature could be an update to look forward to in a future update to WhatsApp for Android.

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