The History and Future of Mobile Gaming


Do you remember the games on your first phone? These were simply, preinstalled games that still gave all of us great joy and cut short many hours of boring waiting in lines or lying in bed unable to sleep. Now, it’s basically impossible to discern between mobile games and platform games! How did we get so far with technology? What is happening in the world of mobile gaming today? And what kind of surprises can we expect in the future? Let’s find all out in this short but sweet guide. 

The Dawn of Mobile Gaming

Like any beginning, the beginning of mobile gaming was humble. Our phones used to have these simple 2D games, but they were very much capturing our attention. Human interest in mobile gaming gave a green light for developers to invest in new technologies and new abilities of phones. The truth is that these first games were kept behind due to limited technology, but as we switched from monochrome to color screens and from basic processors to something more capable, the early 2000s gave us a huge leap forward when it came to mobile gaming. 

The Smartphone Revolution

And then came smartphones. These phones not only brought us a new era of mobile gaming, but they also radically transformed the way people communicate. Even back then, Android and iPhone devices had superior processing, graphics, and touch screens, making mobile gaming far more promising.  For instance, Google Play started in 2012, allowing developers to market their creations and users to download them. This led to a literal explosion of variety and quality of mobile games! There are still games from this period, such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush, that we love and play, and which became iconic

Online Gaming On Mobile Phones

Soon designers and developers recognized that we are using phones more and more for everyday tasks like browsing the internet, shopping, and entertainment. This started a whole other revolution–creating mobile-friendly websites. Many websites adapted their content for smartphones and even started creating mobile versions of their online spaces. This is where we saw a great boom in online casino games which can very easily be accessed through the phone. With incredibly fast payouts in online casinos, players not only enjoy amazing perks but also benefit from the crucial element of speed, ensuring swift access to their winnings.  Online casinos, and online mobile gaming in general, are actually bigger than ever today! 

The Current Landscape

While we’re still on the subject of today, it’s necessary to look around at all the diversity and accessibility of mobile gaming. Why does it pay off for developers to invest so much, even in games that are free to play? Well, the number of people who have a smartphone with an internet connection is astounding, and everyone has at least one game on the phone. The games today range from puzzle games we all love to play sometimes, to more complex strategy games, and even role-playing games. What’s amazing in today’s mobile gaming sphere is multiplayer gaming which fits perfectly with the concept of mobile phones being social devices that connect people. And let’s not forget the new VR and AR headsets that are becoming more and more popular, and which can bring another revolution to mobile gaming. 

Peering into the Future

As mentioned above, mobile gamers have another big step up coming. As technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as artificial intelligence, advances, we can anticipate numerous new breakthroughs. In the future, our mobile games will create an immersive universe in which the boundaries between reality and the digital realm blur and overlap. And there’s also cloud gaming. While it’s still in its early days, we expect to see cloud gaming of the future more accessible, giving us access to high-quality mobile games without the need for any new and expensive hardware. This means you can play all your favorite titles wherever you are, as long as you’re access to the cloud is clear. The possibilities this will create are endless!  


Can you believe that we went from 2D snake games to playing Grand Theft Auto on our phones? And in such a short time of 25 years? We got so far yet we have unlimited potential to chase with mobile gaming and this is something worth waiting for. We can’t wait to see where our smartphones will take us next. 


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