Apple won’t have to make iMessage compatible with Android


Apple’s iMessage platform works across its devices, giving iOS and macOS users a way to message each other. There is a lot of debate on the green versus blue bubble. This has led to some to come up with ways for Android users to be able to send and receive iMessages. Now thanks to an EU ruling, Apple won’t have to worry about making iMessage compatible with Android or other messenger apps.

The EU recently conducted an investigation of Apple’s iMessage under the Digital Markets Act. The goal is to see if iMessage is considered a “gatekeeper” service. If it is, the EU would have forced Apple to make sure iMessage is interoperable with other services. Based on their findings, it seems that the EU has ruled that iMessage is not a gatekeeper service.

This means that things will continue to stay the same. This is versus other services like Meta’s WhatsApp. Since labeling WhatsApp as a gatekeeper service, there’s a need for it to ensure interoperability with other messenger apps. WhatsApp appears prepared for this, as it recently outlined how the app will receive messages from other messenger apps.

Apple is expected to enable support for RCS later this year. While this isn’t the same as iMessage being compatible with Android, it will allow a somewhat similar experience. While the EU has ruled seemingly in Apple’s favor, they might not be as lucky in the US. The FCC Commission has recently called for an investigation over Apple’s blocking of Beeper Mini, an app that would allow Android users to send and receive iMessages on non-iPhone devices.

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