A modified Galaxy Z Fold 2 was used to test the Pixel Fold software


The Google Pixel Fold officially launched in 2023. But it seems that during the development process of the Pixel Fold, Google actually used a competitor’s phone to fine tune the software. According to a post on X by Mishaal Rahman, that phone turned out to be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Before the launch of the Pixel Fold, there were rumors that Google was working on its own foldable. There was evidence to suggest this was the case. This came in the form of a device codenamed “Jumbojack”. According to Rahman’s post, Jumbojack has since been put online for sale.

Based on the photos, it is quite obvious that the handset in question is a Samsung foldable. It also appears to be modified for Google’s testing purposes. We suppose this makes sense. Google probably wanted to see what they could do in terms of software before rolling out to their own foldable.

Since the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Pixel Fold share a similar concept, it was a good fit for software testing. Google could have easily used other foldables, but looking at their close relationship to Samsung, maybe Samsung was cool with the idea and loaned Google a unit for testing. Google is rumored to launch the Pixel Fold 2 later this year. If the rumors are accurate, it could skip the use of the Tensor G3 and go straight to the G4.

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