Want iMessage on Android? Beeper Mini could be the answer


Will Apple ever bring iMessage to Android? For the foreseeable future, the answer is probably no as iMessage is one of the features of Apple’s products that they probably want to keep as an exclusive to lure customers into their ecosystem.

But if you’re an Android user that wants to use iMessage, then Beeper Mini could be the app for you. For those unfamiliar, Beeper Mini is a new app launched by Beeper, which is an app that brings various messenger services into a single app for easy management, so Beeper Mini is their new app that lets Android users send and receive iMessage.

Nothing was the first company to bring iMessage onto Android, but one of the advantages of Beeper Mini is that the company claims that they have managed to “reverse engineer” iMessage that will allow it to connect to Apple’s services directly. This does away with the need to sign in using your Apple ID, which is great if you’re concerned about privacy and security.

Everything will be handled through Apple’s own servers, which means that Beeper Mini is only the medium. That being said, it is unclear how Apple will react to the app. They might end up making some changes behind the scenes to kill this functionality, but if you’re interested you can download the app from the Play Store. It is free to use for 7 days, after which you’ll have to pay $2 a month to keep using it.

Source: 9to5Google

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