Google Meet will be dropped from Samsung TVs and monitors


One of the features of Samsung smart TVs and monitors is that it came with support for Google Meet. This means that if you need to attend a video conference, you can do so on a larger screen instead of having to hook up your PC to your TV. Unfortunately, if you rely on this feature a lot, it looks like it will be going away.

Samsung has started to notify users that starting March 9, 2024, Google Meet will no longer be available on their smart TVs and monitors. This will apply to TVs and monitors launched between 2021 and 2023. As SamMobile notes, the smart TVs and monitors Samsung launched this year did not come with Google Meet already.

It is unclear why Samsung is removing Google Meet. According to the speculation, apparently Google wants to focus more on Android rather than continuing to support platforms like Tizen. There were signs that this could be the case as previously, Google already stopped support for Google Assistant on Samsung TVs and monitors.

If you’re someone who relies heavily on Google Meet on your Samsung TV or monitor, this might be a bummer. There’s really no alternative right now short of hooking up your PC or laptop to your TV. So from now until the 9th of March, you should probably start looking for elsewhere.

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