Looks Like We’ll be Getting an Elden Ring Mobile Game Soon


If you’re one of the people who fall in the middle of a Venn diagram between “Elden Ring players” and “mobile gamers”, then you might be thrilled to know that FromSoftware’s hit action title will soon be making its way to smartphone screens, according to new information online.

According to anonymous sources in a report from Reuters, the mobile port will be handled by Chinese developer studio Tencent, following a licensing agreement made back in 2022 between FromSoftware and Tencent. One big difference however with the mobile port will be the approach to pricing.

Given that it’s a major AAA gaming title, Elden Ring comes with a premium price – by comparison, the mobile port will be designed to adopt gacha mechanics as seen on titles like Genshin Impact, with Tencent planning to incorporate in-app purchases within the game. With that being said, there’s still no release date for the mobile adaptation, with progress reportedly being slow.

Elden Ring was first launched on Windows and multiple consoles back in February 2022, including Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5 platforms, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Series S|X systems.

Source: Reuters

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