Samsung Galaxy S24 beats the Note 10’s pre-order records!


Samsung’s Galaxy S series of flagship phones have always been popular. But did you know that the Galaxy Note 10 held the company record for the highest pre-orders? That was true, at least until now where Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S24 series has broken that pre-order record.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S24 series received 1.21 million pre-orders within a week. That averages out to 173,000 pre-orders per day. For context, the Note 10 received 1.38 million pre-orders which is obviously higher. But since the pre-orders for the phone ran for 11 days, the Galaxy S24 still beats it in terms of average per day.

Samsung also revealed some interesting information about the pre-order for the Galaxy S24 series. It turns out that despite the Galaxy S24 Ultra being $100 more than its predecessor and being the most expensive model of the lineup, it still received the most pre-orders at 60%. Also interestingly, the base Galaxy S24 received the lowest pre-order at 19%, while the middle Galaxy S24+ received 21%.

The Galaxy S24 models were launched without any major hardware upgrades. The main improvements and changes came in the form of software. Samsung worked with Google to bring a bunch of AI tools to the handset, making it a more exciting upgrade than the previous models.

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