The Samsung Galaxy S24 is breaking pre-order records!


The Samsung Galaxy S24 might not seem like much of a value proposition based on hardware alone. Sure, it packs the latest hardware available today, but it doesn’t feel too different from the previous model. It appears that customers in India are breaking pre-order records for the Galaxy S24, possibly thanks to its AI features!

The Galaxy S24 has reportedly managed to snag more than 250,000 pre-bookings since pre-orders went live. For context, the Galaxy S23 only managed 250,000 pre-bookings over a span of three weeks, so the Galaxy S24 has shattered that record by a considerable margin.

Like we said, the Galaxy S24 isn’t the most compelling smartphone hardware wise. Don’t get us wrong, it is a very powerful phone, but for the most part, hardware in smartphones has peaked. Instead, the interest customers are showing are probably for its new AI features. Samsung worked together with Google to bring new AI features to the phone, dramatically changing the way we use our devices.

Samsung isn’t the first to integrate AI into its smartphones, but seeing as how big of a brand they are, it definitely managed to capture the attention of the public. It remains to be seen how useful these AI features are or if they might end up feeling gimmicky, but for now, the curiosity of customers have been piqued.

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