Galaxy S24 scratch test means you can probably ditch the screen protectors


When we buy a new phone, one of the first things we do is buy a case to protect the body of the phone, and a screen protector to protect the display. If you’re not a fan of screen protectors, then maybe the Samsung Galaxy S24 could be the phone for you.

During a scratch test on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, YouTuber JerryRigsEverything found that the handset display only managed to show visible signs of damage on a Mohs hardness scale of level eight. This is versus the Galaxy S23 which scratched at level six. This means that the Galaxy S24’s display is two levels more durable than its predecessor, which is honestly very impressive.

For context, the Galaxy S23 uses the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 as its display cover of choice. The Galaxy S24 uses the newer Gorilla Armor, which based on this test is certainly living up to its name. This doesn’t mean that you should be careless with the phone’s display. A screen protector is usually not a bad idea in general as it adds an extra layer of protection.

Plus, if the screen protector breaks or cracks when you drop it, replacing it will be a much cheaper and simpler affair compared to paying for a brand new screen. Whether or not you decide to go with screen protectors for your Galaxy S24 is entirely your prerogative, but this scratch test does make us feel a bit more confident about not using one.

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