Razer Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller for Android announced


There are some mobile games that are clearly designed to take advantage of touchscreen controls. Then there are also some games that have touchscreen controls but don’t necessarily feel the best. If you like playing racing games or FPS titles on your phone, then obviously physical controllers are the way to go.

The good news is that if you’re looking for a new physical controller, Razer has announced its latest controller in the form of the Razer Kishi V2. The company debuted the original Kishi a few years ago, but the new model has been updated with some improvements. One of those improvements are the buttons, which Razer says have been updated to all-new tactile microswitch controls.

There is also a new Share button that helps gamers quickly capture screenshots or video clips that they can then share with friends or onto social media, and there are also new dual  multifunction buttons that can launch the new Razer Nexus app. Also, the design of the controller has been updated where the sides are now slightly more curved which should help it sit in your hand more comfortably.

If you’re keen on picking up the new Kishi V2 for Android, it is available for purchase right  now for $99.99. It will connect to Android devices via USB-C, but there is also an iPhone version in the works that is expected to arrive later this year.

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Source: Razer

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