Samsung’s new transparent micro LED displays are truly amazing to look at


We’ve all seen the movies where people in those movies use phones and tablets that are completely transparent. Samsung is bringing us one step closer to that reality because at CES 2024, the company has taken the wraps off their latest display innovation – completely transparent micro LED displays.

To be fair, this isn’t Samsung’s first rodeo when it comes to transparent displays. The company has come up with some transparent display concepts in the past, but this seems to be a step up in terms of brightness. It also sports a completely frameless design which is honestly quite insane when you think about it.

Samsung has used micro OLEDs for this display which in turn results in images looking nice and sharp. Samsung also claims that the use of micro LEDs means that they are less impacted by ambient light. This means that they have more real-world applications, like maybe using it as a smartphone display, a shop lot’s window, outdoor advertising, and so on.

We’re not sure when Samsung plans to commercialize these displays, so maybe don’t hold your breath just yet, but it’s still pretty exciting at the idea that we could one day be closer to seeing truly transparent smartphone displays.

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