Samsung could be toying with the idea for a transparent phone with a rollable display


We’ve all probably seen movies and TV shows where the characters in the show are using communication devices that are transparent. It’s actually a pretty cool concept and it’s one that Samsung seems to be exploring, according to a recently-discovered WIPO application.

According to the application and the accompanying drawings, Samsung envisions a phone that could sport a roll-out display that is completely transparent.

Based on the drawings, it seems that Samsung is considering at least two form factors – one which looks like a regular smartphone where the top of the display can be extended, and the other that also sports a more traditional display that can be rolled out to the side to become a tablet.

The concept of rollable phones isn’t new and LG was pretty close to bringing one model to the market before they announced that they would be quitting the smartphone business. A device with a transparent rollable display actually sounds pretty cool and might be useful for augmented reality features.

Imagine rolling out the transparent portion of the display and then pointing it in front of you and having turn-by-turn navigation overlaid on the screen, how awesome would that be? That being said, since this is a patent it’s hard to say if Samsung is merely protecting their intellectual property or if it could be something they are actually working on, so don’t get too excited just yet.

Source: SamMobile

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