Samsung’s The Frame TV reimagined as a speaker


A problem with a lot of modern day gadgets like TVs and speakers is that they stick out like sore thumbs. This could be a sticking point for some as they’d rather not have these gadgets get in the way of their home’s interior design. Luckily for you, Samsung’s The Frame has been reimagined where it has been transformed into a speaker.

This comes in the form of the Samsung Music Frame. Basically Samsung has taken the concept of their The Frame TV and applied it to a speaker design. The Frame TV is a uniquely designed television set that doubles as a hanging picture frame when not in use. This allows users to “hide” the TV in plainview while keeping their home aesthetically pleasing.

The Music Frame applies this concept by resembling a picture frame when not in use. What’s interesting is that unlike Samsung’s The Frame TV which uses digital art work and photos, the Music Frame relies on a physical print. Samsung says that users can customize this once orders go live.

When paired with Samsung’s new 2024 TVs and soundbars, the Music Frame can create a surround sound effect, according to Samsung. The company has not disclosed the cost or release date yet. If you find this concept intriguing, be sure to watch for it when it becomes available for purchase.

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