ENERMAX’s Latest CPU Coolers Pack a Unique Feature


Computer accessories manufacturer ENERMAX recently showed off some of its latest products at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, which includes the AQUAFLO LCD and the LIQTECH XTR AIO liquid CPU cooler, both designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO, as well as Intel Xeon processors.

One standout feature is that the coolers pack an onboard LCD screen, making them one of the more unique products on display at CES. Of course, they’re also practical in that they allow users to view real-time information on their machines.

First up is the AQUAFLO LCD AIO liquid CPU cooler, which comes equipped with a slide-and-use LCD monitor that doesn’t take a lot of space on desktops, and can even attach magnetically to metallic appliances. ENERMAX says that it’s capable of handling thermal design power (TDP) for up to 400W, made possible with a “Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump” and a patented Central Coolant Inlet (C.C.I.) design and Shunt-Channel (S.C.T.) technology.

Meanwhile, the LIQTECH XTR AIO liquid CPU cooler comes with a full integrated heat spreader (IHS) that ENERMAX says is ideal for high-powered desktop processors. The company adds that the series is able to handle a TDP of more than 500W thanks to the EF1 pump and patented cooling technologies; additionally, the digital screen on the water block will display a PCU’s real-time temperature with an overheat warning function as well.

As for availability, ENERMAX says that the AQUAFLO LCD series and the LIQTECH XTR series will be available starting in Q2 2024 at major retailers, with specific pricing information to follow soon.

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