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The original Google Pixel Watch is receiving an update! The Google Pixel Watch is a pioneering smartwatch that continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities. Originally launched with a commitment to providing a seamless and innovative wearable experience. The Pixel Watch has not only lived up to its promise but is now receiving updates that bring it closer to its successor, the Pixel Watch 2.

In this dynamic landscape of wearable technology, the Pixel Watch remains at the forefront. As it remains able to adapt to user needs and still receives cutting-edge features. Let’s delve into the recent updates that highlight Google’s dedication to keeping the Pixel Watch relevant, functional, and equipped with the latest advancements in smartwatch technology.


Several of the new Pixel Watch 2 features to the device, including Do Not Disturb & Bedtime Sync. It’s accessible through the Notifications settings of the Pixel Watch companion app. It allows synchronization of Do Not Disturb and ‘Bedtime’ modes across connected devices when tapped.

The update comes from Google‘s announcement in December 2023 that some much-needed love would come to the OG Pixel Watch. Features like Watch Unlock, enabling the Pixel Watch to unlock the paired Pixel phone without biometrics will be in this update.

The recent server-side update (thanks to 9to5Google) also includes Adventure and Analog Arcs watch faces and updated complications.  At a Glance options will provide information on temperature, precipitation, etc all on the complications. Upcoming events can be viewed with a tap for an expanded view.

Despite being part of the December Feature Drop, Do Not Disturb & Bedtime will be in January. Users can find the new feature in the Notifications settings in the app. The server-side update is expected to automatically appear on the watch, so keep an eye out when it comes to your watch!

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