Pixel Watch 2 not charging? You’re not alone


The problem with modern day gadgets is that they run on batteries, meaning that they need to be charged. If there’s an issue that causes the device to not charge when plugged in, it’s pretty much useless, which is an unfortunate situation that some Pixel Watch 2 owners have found themselves in.

According to multiple threads on Reddit, there are some Pixel Watch 2 owners who are discovering that their smartwatch isn’t charging when connected to the charging puck. There are some whose watches do charge, but it is done so intermittently, indicating that it isn’t charging properly as it should.

One user claims to have reached out to Google’s customer support who informed them that Google is aware of the issue and that they will get back to them with a resolution, but that didn’t happen. Users have tried all kinds of methods including changing the wall outlet the charger is connected to, trying different cables and sockets, but to no avail.

At the moment it is unclear what could be causing the issue, so if you are discovering that your Pixel Watch 2 is having charging issues, you’re not alone, but hopefully Google will have a fix for affected users soon enough.

Source: Android Authority

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