5 Smartphone Gaming Accessories for Android Users


Have you noticed that mobile gaming has joined the conversation of “Console versus PC” lately? Franchises like COD and GTA have stepped into the mobile sphere with genuinely good remasters of their Ips and with the right tools, they can be just as immersive. Mobile gaming on Android devices has exploded in popularity recently, sparking demand for accessories to enhance the gaming experience. A good set of accessories can take your mobile gaming to the next level. Take a look at our guide to the best mobile gaming accessories for Android to get the best mobile gaming experience.


Of course, the first problem with mobile gaming is that the screen is also the controller, which can get in the way of playing. Nintendo has managed to make the handheld experience work with the Switch, but there are lots of external controllers that can get your fingers off the screen.

For example, dedicated Bluetooth controllers from companies like Razer and SteelSeries resemble console controllers and provide superior control in complex games compared to touchscreens. They allow for easier camera control, more precise movements, and extra buttons and controls.

Plus, clip-on triggers can be attached directly to an Android phone to give more tactile feedback and act as shoulder buttons for games that need more input options. Popular affordable options are from companies like Gamesir.

Phone stands

However, if your hands are on a controller, busy pressing buttons, there is nothing to hold your mobile phone. Even non-gamers know the struggle of trying to keep a phone upright while hands free, so consider investing in a phone stand to play free online games without trouble. Some are as cheap as 50p in Ikea and can clip onto your keys. Others are more versatile.

You can find more elaborate stands that offer more range of motion. Adjustable phone stands allow you to set up your device at the perfect viewing angle while gaming using an external controller. Plus, stands with controller clamps keep your setup neat and organized.

Cooling accessories

We all know that PCs and consoles are known to get really hot and damage the device with their heat due to the amount of power needed for the graphics. Mobile phones are no different. One downside of mobile gaming is increased device heat with graphic-intensive games. This allows it to sustain higher frame rates for a smoother gaming experience. Otherwise, frame rates can drop significantly on a hot phone. Attachable cooling fans and heatsinks can prevent device overheating and thermal throttling during longer gaming sessions. Brands like OtterBox make quality options.


There’s nothing more frustrating than your phone running out of power, except perhaps your phone running out of power while you’re playing games. Imagine if you were in the middle of a campaign or a boss level and your PC just shut down. The neighbours would hear about it for sure.

Make sure to avoid problems like this by keeping power to your phone. Consider battery cases or power banks when you’re on the move. You can get power banks from Anker, Razer, and others to significantly extend gaming time by supplying extra juice to your phone. Faster charging via USB-C cables also minimises downtime.


If you’re a music lover or a gamer, it’s likely you have a set of headphones or earphones you love that are mobile-compatible, but if you’re looking for the best, there are some things to look out for. Good headphones or earbuds with surround sound capabilities and quality audio drivers help immerse you deeper in games by providing rich layered audio.


With the right accessories – whether it’s a controller for better input, a cooling device to sustain performance, or extras like stands and power banks – you can get the most out of mobile gaming on your Android. The accessories profiled can take your experience to the next level.

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