10 Best AI Humanizers to Humanize AI Text With Ease


Though AI writing tools had existed prior to its release, ChatGPT’s 2022 launch propelled these platforms into the spotlight. Today, millions of people use AI writers to create essays and conduct research. But with the rise of these tools came the rise of something else – the desire by schools and businesses to catch AI in the act.

That’s where an AI humanizer comes into play. It can transform AI text into human-like content, making it impossible for AI detectors to identify that a machine wrote the copy. If you need a tool to humanize AI text, the 10 presented here should help you easily bypass any AI detection.

Undetectable AI Writing – The Best Tools to Humanize AI Text

An AI humanizer needs to do more than simply rewrite an AI-generated passage. It needs to follow the rhythms and cadence of a human writing style, which the following 10 tools do with finesse:

  1. HIX Bypass – Best AI Humanizer Overall
  2. UndetectableAI.ai – Most Cost-Effective AI Text-to-Human Text Tool
  3. BypassGPT – Best AI Humanizer Trained by Human Writers
  4. Humbot – Best Undetectable AI Writer for Speedy Process
  5. Bypass AI – Best One-Click AI Humanizer
  6. Undetectable AI – Best AI Humanizer for Live AI Score Checking
  7. WriteHuman – Best Essay-focused AI Text Humanizer
  8. GPTinf – Best AI Text Humanizer for Sentence Restructuring 
  9. StealthGPT – Best AI Bypass Tool to Avoid Turnitin Detection
  10. AI Undetectable – Best Free-to-use AI Text Humanizer

HIX Bypass – Best AI Humanizer Overall

HIX Bypass excels for the sheer range of detection tools that its AI conversion can overcome. Sapling, Originality.ai, and GPTZero, among others, all return 100% human results from the content it creates. The tool is such an effective AI text humanizer because it’s backed by advanced text humanization technology. The result is that it understands how AI writes, so it can humanize text effectively.

Crucially, HIX Bypass can humanize AI text into high-quality, ready-to-use content. There are no jumbled sentences or random statements in its output. You receive a copy that carries the same intent as your AI-generated original, only with a more varied sentence structure and better use of synonyms.


  • All generated content is 100% plagiarism-free
  • Includes built-in AI detectors to show you the likelihood of a ping from your generated copy
  • Incorporates your existing keywords into its output for SEO


HIX Bypass’s pricing starts at $12.99 per month, which nets you 10,000 monthly words of humanized text and the ability to humanize up to 2,000 words per request. From there, the pricing advances in tiers, reaching a maximum of $200 per month for unlimited words. Paying upfront for an entire year nets you a discount of at least 50% on the monthly price.

UndetectableAI.ai – Most Cost-Effective AI Text-to-Human Text Tool

The low cost of its monthly packages makes UndetectableAI.ai stand out, though don’t let its low price trick you into thinking you’re getting an inferior AI humanizer. It’s extremely capable of overcoming AI detectors like Copyleaks, Winston AI, and more. Plus, you don’t have to worry about random sentences and symbol inclusion – its output is entirely contextually relevant.

The tool is powered by proprietary advanced AI text humanization technology, capable of picking out sentence structures, commonly used words, and expressions that AI detectors flag. It’s simple to use as well, thanks to its copy-and-paste user interface.


  • Encrypts all text entered into the tool for increased privacy
  • All output is plagiarism-free and contains no spelling errors
  • Generous free trial available


You get a choice of three tiers with UndetectableAI.ai – Basic, Pro, and Ultimate. These tiers cost $10, $20, and $30 per month respectively, with your monthly words varying between 10,000, 50,000, and 100,000, depending on your tier choice. Annual packages are also available, which halve your monthly price.

BypassGPT – Best AI Humanizer Trained by Human Writers

BypassGPT’s complex AI humanizer has been trained by human writers and advanced AI text humanization engines. It can humanize AI text to bypass some of the most popular AI detection tools with ease. There are no losses of context with this tool as well – it understands what the AI wrote and retains the meaning of that original piece in its output.

Suitable for all users, from high schoolers to marketing professionals, the tool’s output is completely free of content duplication, and also with enhanced readability and overall flow, making the processed content not only 100% unique but also smooth and engaging for your target audience.


  • Outstanding performance in mimicking the human-like writing styles
  • User-friendly copy-and-paste interface and speedy output
  • Allows you to earn as you use with its affiliate and influencer programs


BypassGPT’s monthly packages start at $15 per month for 20,000 words, up to a maximum of $72 per month for 500,000 words. That makes it one of the most affordable AI bypasser tools on the market. Annual discounts of up to 50% are available if you pay upfront, too, and you can try the tool for free before you buy.

Humbot – Best Undetectable AI Writer for Speedy Process

Speed is the main highlight of Humbot, which can humanize AI text in a matter of seconds. Its output is consistently high-quality, regardless of your content style, and it does an excellent job of retaining the context behind your AI writer’s sentences as it humanizes.

Backed by an AI-powered text humanization engine that understands what detectors look for, the tool can overcome ZeroGPT, Scribbr, and a plethora of other AI checkers. Plus, all output is 100% original – you never have to worry about accidentally plagiarizing other people’s content.


  • A simple copy-and-paste mechanism makes it easy to use
  • No spelling or grammar errors in its output
  • Can handle blog posts, articles, social media posts or any type of content


Pricing starts from $9.99 per month, which allows you to input 1,000 words per entry and delivers 20,000 words per month. Moving to its top tier nets you 760,000 words in exchange for $209 per month, though the input limit stays at 1,000 words. Annual discounts are available, typically saving you 50% if you pay upfront.

Bypass AI – Best One-Click AI Humanizer

With a single click of its “Humanize” button, Bypass AI delivers quality copy that bypasses AI detection tools like Crossplag, Content at Scale, and ZeroGPT. It’s powered by cutting-edge text humanization algorithms that go beyond simply replacing a few words in your text. You get a completely rewritten, human-like piece with varying sentence structures and more character in the writing.

Afraid that the “humanization” process may alter your original context? Don’t worry. The message behind your AI-generated content is retained, and all your ideas will be kept in place, thanks to the clever AI text processing engine behind Bypass AI.

The tool is also able to process a wide range of content, From essays to resumes and cover letters, it ensures your content is not only professionally formatted but also remains true to your original meaning.


  • Advanced machine learning models ensure all output is coherent and readable
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing options are available
  • Handy Resource Center teaches you more about AI conversion


Starting at $14.90 per month for its Basic tier, in which you can humanize AI text of up to 10,000 words per month. Bypass AI offers two more payment options. Its Pro tier increases your word limit to 50,000 for $29.90 per month. Become a Business user and you’ll pay $49.90 for 100,000 words.

Undetectable AI – Best AI Humanizer for Live AI Score Checking

As its name implies, Undetectable AI is a powerful tool that can humanize AI text at various educational levels. Its output can be tailored to high school and university papers, making it an excellent choice for students. Additionally, this tool can adapt to various content types, from casual social media posts to formal professional papers, making it a comprehensive solution for all writing needs.

The tool has 4 million users, with its standout feature being its live checking. It can display the AI score of its outputs from popular AI detectors, including ZeroGPT and OpenAI’s AI checker, using a color-coded traffic light system. Green stands for 100% human, with amber being 50% and red meaning 0%.


  • Uses sophisticated paraphrasing to humanize AI text
  • Incorporates your keywords into its output
  • Humanized copy doesn’t flag as spam in email inboxes


Prices start at $9.99 per month for words, with the tool matching its output to your writing level, and extending to $209 for 380,000 words. Yearly packages are available, typically offering discounts of up to 50%. Plus, all tiers give you access to the Undetectable AI API and email support.

WriteHuman – Best Essay-focused AI Text Humanizer

WriteHuman is a powerful AI humanizer that can overcome ZeroGPT and Turnitin. However, its standout feature is its bracketing system. By surrounding key terms in your AI-generated content with square brackets, you can tell the tool to retain those terms. That’s ideal for academic essays – the phrases that need to be in your paper will stay while the rest is humanized.

The tool combines machine learning and natural language processing to retain the context of your original piece. Plus, it’s super simple to use. Just copy and paste your text up to 200 words before hitting the “Write Human” button and you’ll have a strong output in about a minute.


  • The free tier allows three requests per month at 200 words each
  • Algorithms are updated consistently to overcome new AI detectors
  • Can further enhance text that was written by people


You have a choice of three tiers with WriteHuman. Starting from $8 per month, you get 60 requests at 600 words per request. With Pro, you pay $14 to get 1,200 words per request and 150 requests, in addition to priority access to customer support. Ultra gives you unlimited requests – you get 3,000 words per request – for $32 per month. Customized business packages are also available.

GPTInf – Best AI Text Humanizer for Sentence Restructuring

GPTInf can humanize AI text to human-like content in less than a minute, making it one of the fastest tools on the market. Its AI humanization overcomes most detectors, including Turnitin and GPT Radar, with its output closely matching natural writing because of its focus on overcoming predictability.

The tool uses clever synonyms and “burstiness,” the latter being its word for sentence structure variation, to overcome detection. Thus, the content produced by this tool echoes the natural rhythm of human writing, resulting in a more authentic, human-like text output that confidently stands up to scrutiny.


  • Increases diversity in sentence structure and word usage
  • Operates using a simple copy-and-paste format
  • Overcomes AI detection in 96% of cases


GPTInf’s pricing starts at $12 per month, for which you receive 10,000 words, access to customer support, and a compare mode to stack your original AI text against the humanized version. At its maximum, the AI humanizer charges $349 per month for 500,000 words. Discounts are available for annual payments, for which you receive four “free” months of usage.

StealthGPT – Best AI Bypass Tool to Avoid Turnitin Detection

Advertising itself as the only AI humanizer that bypasses Turnitin, StealthGPT is ideal for students who have strict teachers. Granted, it’s not the only tool that overcomes Turnitin. Others on this list can do the same. However, its Infinity Stealth Engine—which powers its text humanization—is among the most powerful in the industry.

That engine is divided into four parts. The first two are the very basic text humanization tools. The Stealth Tool specializes in providing undetectable AI responses to user queries, while the Rephraser Tool takes existing content and humanizes it for a more natural feel. 

For educational purposes, the Stealth Tutor mirrors the Stealth Tool’s capability, but is fine-tuned for academic inquiries. Lastly, the Stealth Essay is tailored to support students in composing or rephrasing extensive pieces of writing, making it an invaluable asset for essay creation.


  • Produces original content that’s free of plagiarism
  • Available to process several common languages
  • Humanizes content 10 times faster than a human


StealthGPT offers three pricing tiers – Essential, Pro, and Exclusive, Essential costs $19.99 per month for 100,000 humanized words, with Pro costing $29.99 for 500,000 and Exclusive delivering 1 million words for $39.99 per month. All offer access to the Infinity Stealth Engine, with the main difference between tiers – beyond word volume – being the number of words processed per request.

AI Undetectable – Best Free-to-use AI Text Humanizer

An impressive free package is a highlight for AI Undetectable, with the tool capable of humanizing AI text that bypasses AI detection quickly. Granted, that free version comes with a plethora of ads, which can become annoying. Plus, the user interface is a touch simplistic.

Still, the tool makes up for those faults by allowing you to customize how it will convert AI text to human text. You can choose to rewrite at several educational levels including high school, undergraduate, and PhD, with the tool also allowing you to increase or decrease word counts based on your needs.


  • Capable of humanizing text in four languages
  • Offers a “Premium Words” version that creates more complex language
  • Guarantees no plagiarism at its highest tier


You get a choice of three paid tiers with AI Undetectable, all of which remove the ads present in the free version. The Regular Words tier gives you 10,000 of its standard humanized words for $5.99, with the Premium tier delivering 10,000 more advanced words of rewriting for $9.99. Or, you can buy a $19.99 Words Bundle, which gives you 50,000 regular words, 25,000 “premium” words, and guaranteed originality.

Find the Best AI Humanizer for You

Each of the tools listed in this article can serve as a powerful ChatGPT-alike humanizer that can skillfully outsmart the market’s most advanced AI detection tools. Your next move is simple – choose the AI humanizer that works best for you in terms of capability, performance, and pricing plans. 

We hope this hands-on approach will guide you to a handy AI text humanizer that consistently hits the mark, delivering content that meets your exacting standards. Among these standout options, we highly recommend giving HIX Bypass a spin, with its track record of stable performance and outstanding content quality in AI-generated text humanization.

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