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Many valuable and practical tools can significantly optimize your writing process. Today, we’ll discuss eight mobile apps that can change your life, transforming writing from a tedious task into a ritual of inspiration and pleasure.

Different writing tools solve various problems. Some will help you choose a topic or the academic research process. Others optimize the writing process and help you catch many common errors in paper. We present the eight best modern mobile apps for writing, from an online essay writing service to an advanced text editor.

#1 Scrivener 

What we love best about Scrivener is its ability to be both simple and feature-rich. If you genuinely need to know how many words would be on one paperback page of your essay, you can go to those intriguing and time-wasting reports. You won’t have to go through millions of templates to get the one that works best for your writing because it comes with pre-structured templates already. 

More particular formats, such as an APA-style paper, a book in parts, or a collection of recipes, are available from then on. It comes with all the usual suspects for managing stories and characters, transferring data to other applications, creating objectives, etc.  

That being said, it has a user manual, video tutorials, and an interactive tutorial pre-installed, in addition to further resources on its website and the community forum. 

#2 Grammarly 

Grammarly is your best friend in the process of essay writing. This simple and interactive application will allow you to quickly and thoroughly check your text for spelling, syntax, and stylistic errors. Please understand that Grammarly corrections highlighted in red are apparent errors that need to be corrected. Grammarly will also offer you green and blue corrections, which are more recommendations to consider but do not require mandatory integration.

#3 EssayShark 

EssayShark is a reliable and advanced essay writing service. You can use it to get both paid and free essay samples. We recommend studying expert essay samples before writing your essay because it will help you understand academic guidelines, compose a clear, well-structured essay, and avoid many typical beginner mistakes.

#4 Evernote 

We recommend using Evernote to keep track of ideas for various writing assignments. It lets you divide your notes into different “notebooks,” which will keep your ideas and musings ordered. Annotating and adding photographs, a selection of useful templates, and the ability to share your notes are just a few of the complex capabilities that come with this user-friendly app.

Collecting ideas, organizing tasks, creating a social media calendar, designing a marketing strategy, etc., are just a few things you can do in Evernote. A web clipper is also available to save anything from the web.

#5 ProWritingAid 

Similar to Grammarly, ProWritingAid is a program that checks for grammar mistakes. However, it takes a more comprehensive approach to editing and providing ideas. You can find a plethora of reports that evaluate your writing style online. The “Summary Report” is more thorough and provides a more accurate assessment of your writing skills than most competing programs.

ProWritingAid also checks for consistent style faults. If you want to review a chapter of your book and then import it into Scrivener, you’re lucky because it is compatible with both programs. You may also read my in-depth analysis of ProWritingAid if you like.

#6 Hemingway App 

If you’re a writer who values clarity, conciseness, and brevity, you need the Hemingway app. After you copy and paste your material into the app, it will point out problematic areas such as passive voice, poorly legible sentences, and phrases with simpler alternatives.

Improving a text’s readability relies on these essential components. The Hemingway app also provides a grade for readability. Try switching between the “write” and “edit” buttons to get things done without interruptions.

#7 Focus Writer 

The high-away interface of Focus Writer makes it impossible to be distracted. Because of this, you may forget about everything else and focus solely on writing. It looks like a paper; no formatting options, recommendations, or distractions exist.

Other features include goal setting, theme customization, alarms and timers, and typewriter sound effects, among many others. You may put all these elements to one side and concentrate on writing because they are all hidden.

#8 Canva

Bloggers and other writers who wish to spruce up their content with eye-catching graphics might benefit from Canva. If you’re looking for an app to make custom social media graphics, book covers, or blog post covers, Canva is a fantastic choice. Photoshop is only for some; Canva is a beautiful substitute. Instantly create that professional-looking image with the help of thousands of premade templates available for every size you can imagine!

The Bottom Line 

These eight excellent essay writing apps will help you significantly optimize your productivity and start enjoying the process. In the modern world, applications allow you to maximize your work in almost any area and can take your writing performance to a new level.


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