GM Issues Statement After Decision to Drop Support for Android Auto


Just recently, General Motors announced that it would be dropping support for Android Auto several months after switching over to Google’s automotive smart platform from Apple CarPlay. As such, there’s been speculation that the move ties in with a new strategy to get owners to buy into subscription services, although the company has since clarified its intentions behind this decision.

According to a statement from a GM rep to the folks over at Android Authority, the move to shift away from Android Auto stems from concerns over driver and passenger safety, as well as establishing an exclusive ecosystem of sorts. As per the statement:

“We wanted to reach out to clarify that comments about GM’s position on phone projection were misrepresented in previous articles and to reinforce our valued partnerships with Apple and Google and each company’s commitment to driver safety. GM’s embedded infotainment strategy is driven by the benefits of having a system that allows for greater integration with the larger GM ecosystem and vehicles.”

Interestingly, the company mentioned earlier that both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come with “stability issues” that affect performance, prompting drivers to check their phones for connectivity problems while on the move.

Following this transition, GM will reportedly shift to a built-in infotainment system, which itself is built on Google software and features apps such as Google Maps, Assistant, as well as third-party software.

Source: Android Authority

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