GM bids farewell to Apple’s CarPlay, goes all in with Google’s Android Auto


A lot of car manufacturers these days offer customers the option of choosing between either Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto for their infotainment platform, but it looks like GM will soon no longer be giving their customers that option.

According to a report from Reuters, it appears that GM will be ditching CarPlay moving forwards and will be adopting Android Auto instead. In fact, the report claims that GM will actually be working with Google to develop infotainment systems designed for the company’s future electric vehicles.

While we suppose it’s fair for GM to choose whichever platform they want to support, what’s interesting about this decision is that a few years ago, GM actually went the other route by completely adopting CarPlay over Android Auto, so now it looks like the company might have had a change of heart.

This will no doubt be quite a blow to Apple as it means that there will be less vehicles that will be using its in-car infotainment platform. That being said, keep in mind that this change will only apply to GM’s future electric vehicles. The company’s gas-powered cars will still continue to offer CarPlay, so unless you’re planning on getting your hands on one of GM’s electric vehicles, CarPlay will still be an option for you.

Source: Reuters

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