Apple’s blocking of Beeper Mini was shortlived


The other day, Beeper announced a new app called Beeper Mini which would allow Android users to send iMessages to iOS users. It was interesting although we were apprehensive due to the strictness of Apple, and sure enough, the company ultimately ended up blocking the app.

It turns out that it was shortlived exercise because Beeper has since announced that Beeper Mini is now back after an update, although with some changes. One of those changes is that users will now need to sign in with their Apple ID. Prior to this, one of the appeals of the app was that users could send iMessages without needing to sign in with their Apple ID, but that will now be required.

Beeper has also announced that the app will now be free to use. Before this, the app was free to use for seven days, after which users would have to pay a subscription to keep using this. According to Beeper, it seems that due to the cat-and-mouse nature of the whole situation where Apple could end up banning the app again, they decided that they will make it free to use, at least for now.

Beeper has also denied allegations made by Apple, where the Cupertino company suggested that the developer had reverse engineered the iMessage protocol. The company is also willing to share Beeper Mini’s code with a third-party security research firm to prove their point. We’re not sure how long it will take for Apple to shut it down again, so use it while you still can!

Source: Beeper

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