You might soon be able to edit your Google Messages


Sent a message with a typo by mistake? With most messenger apps these days, you can easily unsend it, but that means having to type it up again. With some apps, you can make edits, which is something that could eventually make its way to Google Messages.

According to a report from TheSpAndroid, they have discovered some code strings which suggests that message editing could be a thing with Google Messages as part of a future update. The code strings also reveal that Google Messages will also be able to show a history of edits.

This is useful because sometimes people might edit a message and try to claim it was the original message sent. With apps like WhatsApp, edited messages will contain the “edited” flag, but users cannot see what was the original message before, so Google Messages could have an advantage with this feature.

At the moment Google hasn’t officially announced or confirmed the feature yet, so we don’t know if it will make the final cut. A lot of times companies test new features internally and might not necessarily roll it out to the public based on internal feedback and testing, but it could be a good way to make RCS messages more appealing, so hopefully we’ll see this feature in the near future.

Source: TheSpAndroid

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