Chrome just made it easier to check how much memory each tab is using


Google’s Chrome browser is notorious for being a memory hog. This has changed and improved a bit over the years, but in case you’re wondering why your PC is suddenly running a bit slower, Google has issued an update for Chrome that will make it easier to see if the browser could be the culprit.

This update will now allow users to see the individual memory that each browser tab in Chrome is currently using. All users need to do is hover their mouse over the tab and it will show how much memory that particular tab is using at the moment. Prior to this, users had to rely on the Task Manager to find out this information, but this will make it a lot easier.

In addition to this new feature, Google had previously released another Memory Saver feature earlier this year. It allows users to limit background activity along with visual effects and so on, thus making Chrome a bit more friendly for PCs that might have a limited amount of RAM.

Of course, there are other factors that could contribute to why your PC suddenly feels a bit slow, but for now, this new Chrome feature can help to see if the browser or any of your tabs could be the cause behind the slow down.

Source: 9to5Google

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